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Win $50 in Paypal Cash in my giveaway. Spend wisely, my friends. Hey folks! I have entered the #MoneyMinute Video contest to celebrate all things personal finance and empower others to take control of their finances. Check out GoBankingRates cooler than cool #MoneyMinute video contest and vote on your favourite video and win $50 in Paypal Cash. Links in the Rafflecopter Form below. If you

Maternity leave without going broke!

how to go on maternity leave

  Author: Sunshine G. As Canadians, we’re very, very lucky – providing that you’ve been working, you receive a year off on maternity/parental benefits to be split between the two parents, paid at roughly 55% of your earnings to a max of $524/week before tax (as of 2015 information – it indexes yearly). After tax, that works out to roughly $934 every two weeks for

He Said, She Said: Why our Kid Doesn’t Need a Credit Card

why my kid doesnt need a credit card

Author: Phil B There’s an ongoing debate in our household about our daughter, K.B., getting a credit card. While the decision is ultimately hers, the discussion revealed that my husband and I have very different philosophies about young people and credit cards. Here is Phil’s perspective, stay tuned from my rebuttal next week: Earlier this summer, our daughter turned 18 and is now legally allowed

How to save for your child’s education: RESP’s

Registered Education Savings Plan

Please welcome Sunshine G to Cents, Sense & Sensibility. She is the newest writer to the CSS team and she is well-versed in all things life and money.  She will join us once a week to share her insights on family, money, and career.  Everyone wants what’s best for their kids…and we all have the best of intentions, but sometimes life (and lack of sleep,

How to track your finances

how to track your finances

Author: Phil B So you’ve finally decided to start tracking your spending for a month or two, so you can identify where all your money is going.  Congratulations, that’s the first step toward mastering your money.  Anything that is measured can be controlled. You’re motivated to start right now, and you’ve bought Quicken or signed up with Mint.com.  Maybe you even got a little confused,

July Monthly Update: Better late than never edition


Hi everyone, it’s mid-August so it seemed like a great time to post a monthly update for July. Here’s the latest on life update: Business Moving and Shaking: One of my goals for this year was to grow my business income. It was one of those “to do” list deals that sat on a shelf in my mind but never seemed to move past the