Ditching Snail Mail: The Benefits of E-Filing Your Taxes

As anyone over 20 probably remembers, tax filings were always a huge deal – you needed the tax code and multiple forms; not to mention, there was always the fear that you could screw it up. Today, e-filing your taxes is common and is clearly the way to go. If you’re still somewhat unsure about [...]

My biggest Aha! money moment: Live a good life


This post is a participant in the Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival hosted by The Heavy Purse Enjoy!   I feel like I’ve done it all. I’ve read financial books; entered contests; clipped grocery coupons; and shopped loyalty points (Airmiles). I tracked expenses and cut costs. I’ve bartered stuff on Kijiji and sold stuff on Ebay. [...]

Investment Crash Course: How to read your prospectus


Welcome to the latest post in my Investment Crash Course Series, please check out my earlier articles in the series: Investing Crash Course: Week 1 (Dow Jones) Investing Crash Course: Review of Different Financial Products Investing Crash Course: Money Market Funds A word of caution while reading my series – I am learning. Everything I [...]

Sunday’s Sweet Savage Love #9


Welcome back to Sweet Savage Love, it’s where I share some of my favourite posts from around the web and recommend my favourite cheezy romance book this week. Cringe-worthy? Sure. But that’s fun too. Okay, here goes: My Posts from This Week Investing Crash Course: Money Market Funds Making It Happen: January Goals Update Sweet [...]

Making it Happen: January Goal Update


I missed you guys this week! It’s been a very long week and most of it was full of barriers to writing to you, my dearest readers. More on that later, though . In my post Year 2014: New Year’s Revolution, I talked about all the things I wanted to do this year. Trust me, [...]

Investing Crash Course: Money market funds

money market funds

If you’re looking for different places to park your money, Money Market Funds are generally a safe and reliable way to earn a bit more interest over your standard savings account. These funds tend to be low risk, stable investments and work well for shorter term investment strategies – six months to a year. But [...]