Definitely NOT Cursed Picture to Good Home

not cursed picture

Hi folks! We were doing a garage clean-out today and found an over-sized print of London from Ikea that we had intended to donate a couple months ago. In a fit of charitable gung-ho, I attempted to wedge it into my car so that it could be transported to Goodwill and imparted to some deserving […]

It ain’t over til it’s over


Winter in Canada is a never truly over. It’s never predictable and it can’t be planned for with any degree of accuracy. Observe the stages of winter: You think it’s over, right? How could there possibly be anymore effing winter? But there’s more. And then it’s May, right? All the crappy weather should be over […]

A Grocery Store Glossary to Save You Money


People who spend time shopping in the local supermarket get to know its staff and, perhaps, even the lingo they use. Paying attention to some terms is a good idea as they can help save consumers money. The following glossary of grocery store terms may help you defray some of the costs of your groceries. […]

Winning Purchase Offers: Buying a home in a seller’s market

Photo Credit: PNWRA (CC 2.0)

A seller’s market. You’ve heard of those. It’s when the seller has a clear and distinct advantage over the buyer when it comes to getting the deal he wants. But, just because it’s a seller’s market, doesn’t mean that you can’t negotiate for a better deal. Here’s how to win when the deck is stacked […]

Ditching Snail Mail: The Benefits of E-Filing Your Taxes

As anyone over 20 probably remembers, tax filings were always a huge deal – you needed the tax code and multiple forms; not to mention, there was always the fear that you could screw it up. Today, e-filing your taxes is common and is clearly the way to go. If you’re still somewhat unsure about […]

My biggest Aha! money moment: Live a good life


This post is a participant in the Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival hosted by The Heavy Purse Enjoy!   I feel like I’ve done it all. I’ve read financial books; entered contests; clipped grocery coupons; and shopped loyalty points (Airmiles). I tracked expenses and cut costs. I’ve bartered stuff on Kijiji and sold stuff on Ebay. […]