Monthly Challenge: Get financially organized!


Do you want to know something shameful? I’m shit at organizing my filing. You know what I mean, all that important stuff like tax documents, insurance policies, and retirement planning that you’re supposed to keep somewhere safe and organized. Since our house sprung a leak last summer, we had to vacate our master bedroom and […]

Do you buy into the BuyPartisan App?


Have you guys heard of this? I just read about this little app in a recent Economist article and was intrigued about the concept. Basically, you download this app onto your smart phone and scan a barcode at the grocery store to get the lowdown on a company’s political donation history and/or affiliation. It is […]

Sweet Savage Love: Part-Time Cowboy

part-time cowboy

Happy Saturday, Sweet Savage Lovers. Spring and romance are in the air with Part-time Cowboy awesomeness. Here’s what I loved from around the web: Shannon from the Heavy Purse shows us how we can ‘Help kids find their financial happiness .’ Matt from Mom & Dad Money reminds us to invest in ourselves with his […]

F.U. Student Loans: Open Letter


There is a lot of conversation around the personal finance blogosphere about taking personal responsibility for our  actions. We ‘take control’ of our finances and pay down our debt; control our spending; or grow our investment portfolios. We shun pension plans, social programs, and other initiatives and forge our own trail. We are aiming to […]

How to Recession-Proof Your Retirement Savings*

bigstock-Retirement-fund-34712696 (2014_02_10 17_01_02 UTC)

This is not a post about how to recession proof your investments. That’s a different blog post. So. Retirement planning. Yeah. I really need to get on that. Don’t get me wrong, I have a defined benefit pension plan that will happily pay out a percentage of my yearly working wage until the day I […]

Sweet Savage Love: Cowboy Incognito Edition

incognito cowboy

Sweet Savage Love is a weekly post where I get a chance to share my favourite blog reads and inflict my love of romance novels on you, dear reader. Every Saturday or Sunday, I’ll link to my work on the internet, my blog loves and a Harlequin you’ll probably never read. Enjoy! Happy Saturday, friends. […]