6 Quick & Easy Ways to Stay Cool this Summer


It’s halfway through the hottest season of the year and everyone is sick of sweating. You go downstairs and it’s hot. You go upstairs and it’s even hotter. It’s day and it’s hot. It’s night and it’s hot. No matter where you are, it’s stifling and you’re uncomfortable. Here are six quick and easy ways to cool down: Take a hot shower: This may seem

GIVEAWAY: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Compatability


Jeff Motske’s team sent me an advanced copy of this book a few months ago and I’ve just finished reading it. This is a great book for a couple at any stage of their relationship. The Beatles lied when they said ‘all we need is love’. Read Jeff’s book to find out how you can get your romance on the right track to financial –


financial troll2small

When I start to get a little bummed out by life, I like to take a step back and appreciate the little things that make my world go round. Sometimes it’s not easy because I am positive that I deserve some quality angst time. I trick myself by finding the humour in the everyday. I needed a little pick-me-up recently so thought I’d put together

Money Tip Giveaway!

money tip

Congratulations to Maggie C on winning the Money Tip Giveaway Contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted their tips, I’ll be going through everything to find my Money Tip Muse. Come by and visit anytime – we have new posts going up every week and a new giveaway starting July 6. So I’ve decided that Hollywood needs me so I’m about to break into the movies!

Confessions of a Controlaholic

confessions of a controlaholic

That would be me. The controlaholic. I’ve talked a lot about some of the positive that have come out my husband being laid off: we are taking positive steps to fixing our budget; I am making more side hustle income than ever before; and we are having those ever-important conversations about our direction in life. But that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Focus on

Monthly Update: $1900 Extra Income & Challenges

monthly update May2015

Hi friendly readers, how are my fairest fans today? Another month has gone by already and it’s time for my monthly update. What does it say about me that a week has already gone by before I realized that it’s a new month? Annnnnnyyywaaaay, here’s the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Extra Income: $1900 in May Overall, I’m happy with how much extra I’ve

GRS Week 5: 4 Barriers to Financial Freedom


  This is part of the Unconventional Guide GRS series  (affiliate link) by JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly. I’m working through the material and have started writing about it again. If you want some back story, check out some of my earlier posts:  GRS Week 1 GRS Week 2: $750 Extra Income GRS Week 3: Money & Happiness GRS Week 4: Financial Trolls Beware,